CSR & Sustainable

On of the objectives of developing the Summit Hotel was to reciprocate the hospitality by offering the Nepalese an interesting job by deploying their talents and earning a living.This was reflected in fair working conditions and on the job training, which was not a common practice in Nepal at the time.

The Hotel has economically grown on a profitable basis. Virtually all the profits made over the year have been reinvested in improvements and extensions of the Hotel.Although workers unions have existed in Nepal already for some time, only recently are social conditions in Nepal gradually improving. The Summit Hotel which already implemented these social programs, welcomes these developments.

Next to these basic hotel conditions, the Dolf Noordijk Foundation was established to provide schooling funds to the children of the Summit Hotel employees. In 2008, 140 children received half of their school fees from the foundation. Each year a price is awarded to the best students of the class.





Summit goes Wild during its 30th  Anniversary !

To give our anniversary an extra dimension, we will present to you our partnership with the Center for Molecular Dynamics Nepal (CMDN) and the Virginia Tech University (USA).The CMDN – working with Snow leopards and Tigers – has taken the initiative to develop genetic tools for wildlife conservation in Nepal, using ‘non-invasive molecular biology’ technology.



Fantastic and peaceful place

“Summit hotel is a heaven of peace in the busy Katmandu Valley. It is one of the best hotels of the city, located in a quiet district of Patan. Rooms, food, swimming pool are perfect. People are always helpful. It is relaxing. Interesting mix of families, business people, NGOs…
Looking forward to coming back.”

- Stayed May 2013, traveled with family